December 9, 2018

Guest Blogger Pediatric Occupational Therapist, Meghan Corridan- Christmas toys

Meet Meghan…. As a pediatric occupational therapist, finding a good toy is like winning the lottery. I love nothing more than finding a toy or game that kids not only love to play with but that help with the development of a variety of skills. Since the occupation of a child is to play, it’s my job to find toys that may possibly motivate them to learn at the same time.  Another really important thing I look for in products is that they encourage kids to be creative and to use their imagination as much as possible.  I am so excited to share some of my favorite items that made my 2018 Holiday Gift Guide. If you want more ideas, be sure to follow my blog! Rainbow Family Peg Doll Sorter-this is something I bought on a whim a few months ago and have been pleasantly surprised at how much use they have gotten at work. It is a simple toy with endless possibilities. The set consists of 6 rainbow colored boxes which house 4 matching peg dolls in 4 sizes. I have used this to work on skills such as color identification, sorting and matching but I have been so excited to see how the kids all have their own way of playing and interacting with the dolls. Some kids have organized their sorting all of one color at a time and placing them in the box in size order which shows some pretty awesome executive functioning skills. Magna-Tiles-a long […]
October 17, 2018

Budget Friendly Fall Home Decor

We are really getting into the fall spirit this year & what better way to do it then add a few fall throw pillows and some pumpkins around the house. Decorating for a season has always been somewhat overwhelming to us, not to mention expensive. But, everything below was a great deal and adds a little fall fun to the house. From the throw pillows at target (good news these are even more on sale right now), to the decorations from hobby lobby (50% off) & to the bullseye section at target, you can decorate and get that fall feel for an affordable price. Not one piece was more than $25 (minus the fur pillow which are a few years old from Pottery Barn)!!! We linked everything below, please feel to email us or DM us on insta if you have any questions. Happy Fall y’all! Here are all the links of the pieces in the pics below 🙂 Chambray Pillow Woven Plaid Pillow  Hand Quilted velvet lumbar Pillow in Gold Hand Quilted velvet lumbar Pillow in Berry  Give Thanks Pillow  Chunky Woven Cream Pillow Chunky Knit Throw in Navy Chunky Knit Throw in Gold Metallic Pumpkins in family room (next to sunflowers) Velvet Pumkin from Hobby Lobby (can’t find online) Cotton Rings (couldn’t find online, check your local hobby lobby) Leaves & tiny Pumpkins & Gourds (similar) All signs, green/white pumpkins & the tiny leaf & pumpkin plates are from Bullseye (can’t find them online, check your local target […]
October 4, 2018

Quick Nordstrom B.P. Try On

I ran into Nordstrom yesterday with my mom and Caroline because my mom had a return to do and within 5mins I found a handful of super cute fall items that I need slash want from B.P.! Therefore I decided to quickly pop them on and do a little try on for you all! Caroline was sprinting around & hiding in-between racks so I am sure I could have even found more amazing pieces but this was what I got in the 5 mins I had to spare in-between my wind sprints haha!   This coat…I have a love affair with the color maroon, so this jacket to me is perfection! Technically I think this is a coat but I thought it was more unique & cuter as a work shirt, it also is the softest thing ever!! This coat feels like buttaaaaa…and comes in a ton of amazing colors! I am thinking green is my jam. Apparently I was spying a lot of coats… but this one screams fall & pumpkin spice & I love it! This striped sweater 🙂 all the right colors for fall! I found this jean coat and thought it looked similar to the one I wear all the time but is sold out… But then while linking it I found this ONE below this pic and it is even more similar! This looks exactly like the one I got in May at Lord & Taylor ! They have this sweater in so many beautiful […]
September 7, 2018


Cheers it’s the weekend! That means its time to open the bubbly and get started on that cheese plate ;). We wanted to fill you all in on something we have been loving… the SUTHINGIRL box! Below are some of the goodies from the summer box and the fall box is about to start shipping so we wanted to let you all in on the fun. I know that we have mentioned this before but we both went to the University of North Carolina, therefore the south has a very strong place in our hearts. We think this subscription box is so unique because everything in it is from southern artisans &  businesses! How cool is that! Our heart strings are always pulled to products that are USA made & this entire BOX is! Not only is it supporting Southern makers & business owners, Suthingirl also gives back 20% to non-profit organizations…just love it, read more here. These boxes are so unique and make such a great present or gift for yourself and how awesome will you feel knowing you are also giving back and supporting USA products! The lovely Ashley Stamoulis, founder & operator of at SUTHINGIRL was nice enough to give our followers 10% OFF your first box with code WELCOME Happy Friday Y’all  
September 5, 2018

Guest Blogger… Maghon Taylor of All She Wrote Notes

We are so excited to introduce you to this month’s guest blogger, the talented Momma & Calligrapher behind All She Wrote Notes….Maghon Taylor! She might be one of the most positive people we have ever come across & we are so happy to introduce you to her and her company. And speaking of her company, she sells the cutest and I mean cutest things in her shop and she was kind enough to give us free shipping with code SISTEROTR on orders over $20! Wahooo! We already have a few things in our cart as we speak :). We love following Maghon, she exudes enthusiasm and fun! It’s also very inspiring that she is living out her dream & having such success doing it! If any moms out there need some motivation to balance their career goals and mamahood, Maghon will inspire you to go for it all! Enjoy her interview below! Introduce yourself and tell our readers a little about yourself: My name is Maghon Taylor (pronounced like May Gun) and I am the She behind All She Wrote Notes. I am a joyful wife to my middle school sweetheart Chris, and mama to a 19 month old sweet boy, Vance. We live in Elon, North Carolina (Carolina Tar Heel fan) where I own and operate my business from home. Tell us about your company? All She Wrote Notes is a calligraphy and hand lettering studio where I am on a mission to spread happiness through my handwriting. I […]
August 30, 2018

Cozy Bedding Style

I have heard that you spend half of your life in bed…isn’t that crazy! Well, since that is apparently the case you want to be comfortable…right!?? I have also heard that most people decorate their bedroom last because no one else sees it. That wasn’t the case for me, I really wanted to get my bedding done & have that cozy/happy feeling every time I walked into my bedroom. I started on hunt for some nice sheets, I have heard amazing things about Brooklinen, but I felt they were a little too pricey for me. I then read something about Threshold Target sheets so I ordered a few pairs online to feel them and see what I thought. They were really soft to the touch & super affordable. I was sold got the Dark Grey color for my room and the washed blue for my guest room. They held up nicely after washes as well :). I was then on to pillows, I have been avoiding purchasing them but I have been having trouble with grinding my teeth and neck pain so I wanted to try a very comfy pillow. Every time I stay at a Marriott hotel I mention to my husband how comfy the pillows are and he always agrees. Welp, you can buy Marriott pillows… so amazing! So we ordered 4 and are so happy with them, they are oversize and just so cozy! I then searched and searched for a duvet cover that I liked (there was […]
August 15, 2018

Target try on Session!

As we know all  know, we love love Target! I am constantly finding really cute clothes & accessories there, so I thought I would do a try on for you all. Here we go…. and I have a ton of videos in our instagram stories. One of the first things I spied were these Backpacks!! OMG so cute and I love them in every color! But if I had to pick a favorite it would probably be brown I own this shirt in denim but I am loving this maroon stripe tee as well, how fun are the sleeves! I wasn’t sure about these jeans at first but then after I had them on for awhile I was really loving them and I am pretty much obsessed with high waisted since I entered momma-hood! In love with these maroon mules (wearing in all the pics above  and honestly they are adorable in every single color they come in!                                       Our favorite tee shirt, and spied it in this cute green color! And the best part all our favorite tees are on sale right now for $5 instead of $8!!! Had to fave this blush color faux suede coat and the metal detailing is copper aka looks rose gold 🙂 Fell in love with this dress….again because I don’t have to think, can wear a regular bra and the material is so comfortable. Not to […]
August 3, 2018

Outfit of The Week

Jumpsuit (slightly different color) White Mules  Palm Print Purse (check in your local store, no longer available online) but here are some styles in same or similar print… Palm Print Tote This is a super cute print as well, Pink Palm Tote-so perfect as a beach bag! Same Print wristlet, so cute! I really love this print because it can tie in outfits really well with all the colors, it has mustard, maroon, light pink, plum, green, & browns in it! Earrings are Bauble Bar and out of stock, here are some similar options… These here are super colorful and lots of fun. Love these, can go with anything! Color bust in bead form, here. Love me a statement earring and its so nice that they have so many colors in them because they can go with so much! Really about versatility over here, a la the bag as well!     Cheers, Meg & Kay      
July 27, 2018

NYC with Kiddos

It feels like another lifetime ago I lived in NYC. Although it was almost a decade ago, scary thought! I lived there for three years after I graduated from college. I had no money and was scratching and clawing to get by but it taught me so many lessons and it really was such a great place to live for that time in my life. I seriously wish Uber was a thing when I lived there thou, back in the day hailing a cab wasn’t that easy at certain times of day and sometime you just do not want to be in that subway. Flash forward to visiting now with little Caroline. The first time I went back to NYC was when Caroline was 8mos. old. we had been traveling a lot, she was really struggling with sleeping and I was over all very anxious. Getting on a crowded subway with her was scary, I felt very chlostraphobic and my anxiety was at an all time high (thankfully Kay was there otherwise I might have had a breakdown). The trip was still fun, memories were made but I was questioning ever going back there with Caroline. Basically, I was looking at the city as a mom and it looked very different that it did every other time I visited…let’s just say everywhere I looked I saw germs, people, mess and how do I get down there with this stroller and my ten bags… haha!   Flash forward to my last […]
July 26, 2018

Katelyn’s Nordstrom Anniversary picks (for what is still in stock)

Unfortunately with a crazy work schedule I am just now taking a minute to shop the Anniversary sale online. Luckily, Meg picked me out the Topshop sweater the first day since it is mostly sold out and honestly so is a lot of stuff but I was able to find a few things I am wanting/needing that are still available. Love this dress and perfect for layering with sweater and boots this fall.. and only $31.90 This blazer is perfect for work or throwing over a t-shirt. Love the maroon color with the army green accents… Cute button up & so perfect for pumping etc, starting to have a closet full of button ups..   Love me a good pair of lounge pants..   Cute bootie & waterproof 🙂 I have a pair of these earrings but could use another size, love them. Cheers, Kay & Meg      
July 19, 2018

Outfit of The Week with Caroline

My outfit: T-Shirt Dress (most sizes are sold out online, but check your local Nordstrom store & we will keep checking if it is restocked) Another option that is very similar here Topshop Sweater (also sold out in the color I am wearing-oatmeal, but all the colors are gorgeous and there is a chance it will be restocked tomorrow morning when the Nordstrom sale is open to the public) Caroline’s Outfit: Yes! It’s Summer T- Shirt (on sale for $7.99) Jeans (similar) Shoes (also on sale)   Cheers, Meg & Kay  
July 12, 2018

Nordstrom Sale Favs!

Here are our favorite items prior to try on! We think some of them might sell out so it might be a good idea to hop on this morning if you are a card holder and buy them! Then you can get it before it sells out and try on at home. And hey if it doesn’t work you can always return for something else but at least you got it before it sold out 🙂   Top Shop Cardi    I got the sweater in Oatmeal and got it for Kay in grey! Now we can share and get use out of both colors 🙂 Floral Button Up Dress  adore adore this dress!!! Faux Sherling Biker Coat Obsessed with this coat! Marc Fisher Booties  Can’t wear with my high arch but wishing I could! I just have no patience anymore for clothing or shoes that is difficult to get on or off!   Hunter Quilted Rain Boot Short Medium Tall Decided not to go with the Hunter boots, even thou I think they are super cute! I have a pair of waterproof Sorell’s so I decided I didn’t need the Hunters as well. Lucy Leather Belt Bag (fanny pack) they didn’t have it in the store in brown so I have the black on here. I did order it in the brown thou 🙂 BP Cami Caslon Braided Bootie This shoe is way more practical for me. Mainly because it is flat, I rarely wear heels anymore but I […]