Since day one they were connected at the hip. And, still to this day that is the case. Maybe not literally, but if they aren’t together, they are either texting each other or on the phone chit chatting. It’s totally normal #not

Colorado natives (basically), Megan and Katelyn grew up in Centennial, Colorado and their days/weekends were consumed of competitive soccer until High School when they both became runners. At first there was a lot of push back because really who likes to run? When they heard the word running they associated it with losing a game, having a bad practice… it was a punishment. But, after the head cross-country coach did enough convincing, Megan joined the team and never looked back. And because Megan did it, Katelyn of course followed in her footsteps when she got to Smoky Hill High School two years later. Suddenly, they were runners, serious runners that hit the national scene after winning 24 state titles and 4 national titles. It was a sister duo as they trained together every day and went 1-2 in majority of their races. Megan and Katelyn were fortunate enough to get scholarships to University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (Go Tarheels!!) where Megan became a National Champion and American record holder. Katelyn unfortunately got sick and ended up having to give up the sport she learned to love, but was blessed with a great education and learned that there was more to life than tempo runs, track work outs and races.

After college they went their separate ways…heartbreaking! Megan headed to NYC where she became a model and started her business MKaltenbach, while Katelyn began her marketing career for a power tool company in upstate South Carolina. Yes, you read that correctly…Meg was a model frolicking around the Big Apple and Katelyn was driving around an F-150 with an impact driver on the side of it memorizing the features/specs of RIDGID power tools.

Currently, the two sisters live in Denver (finally they are reunited after 7 long years) with their husbands and babies. Now they run around in a much different way chasing their little ones (Caroline and Lucas), working at a start up, running a fashion jewelry line and enjoying their passions. The two love traveling, shopping (Meg is the fashionista and Katelyn is more the bargain shopper = best combo!) everything and anything with food, traveling and just living life. And, unlike most blogs, they aren’t going to have a photographer following them around so it all looks perfect. This is the real deal. You will hear the good, bad and ugly with a lot of laughs along the way.