Beach/Summer Essentials at Target

We love nothing more  than a good beach trip and summer is fast approaching. We thought we would round up these beach essentials we got at Target, that worked perfectly on my trip to Florida. The Tote was probably the biggest hit since it is so large, also used it as my carry on so could fit the needed toys, snacks etc. to get a 18 mo. thru the flight. And A New Day has a lot of super super cute tote options for the summer, look at this one.… I think I need it!

A lot of my other purchases were from the Bullseye Playground so take a peek at your next visit to your Target store. And my cover up is so affordable and makes me so happy with the yellow tassels and pineapple print!


And this little towel poncho was the perfect cover-up for Caroline. Not to mention all the swimsuits


Meg & Kay

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