Beach Travel with a Bambina!

My must have items for traveling with a baby to the beach!

When Caroline was little we would bring her entire stroller (Uppa Baby Vista) on trips because we would use the basinet that comes with it as her bed. She slept in a basinet at home (which I am still obsessed with from restoration hardware) until she was almost 6 months. So the basinet on the Uppa baby stroller was perfect to use at night while traveling. On our second beach trip Caroline was older and no longer fit in the stroller basinet so we brought the Dock a Tot and put that in a rented pack n play. She loved the Dock a Tot because it made her feel like she was in a basinet and when on a trip it gave her that familiar smell of home. Its crazy how little babies pick up on change so quickly and I think the smell of something familiar while sleeping really helps them 🙂


The beach can be tricky because of the sun but I just always tried to have Caroline in a hat and under an umbrella. Even when in the water I would keep her hat on and try to have her in a long sleeve. One other thing I suggest when traveling to save some room is always rent a car seat, you already have so much to lug!

Okay, here are my top ten beach brings for your little one, not sure if these will be as helpful for you but they really worked for us!

Sun Hats

ps. this little cover up below is so cute, shop it here!

I would pack at least two and try to get a fabric that can dry easily!

Reusable Swim Diaper

Long sleeve swimsuit

Baby Sunnies

Travel Stand up Play

This was so great for her to entertain herself at the beach, I packed a few toys I could just hook on and she had a hay day with them.

Dock a tot


Nursing Cover 


The medicine Cabinet- When traveling in general I always have in my diaper bag- baby Tylenol, Advil, Benadryl, Nose Frida, & Saline. I am sure in most places you can find these things but the last thing you want to do when you are in a new place is run to a drug store in the middle of the night if your little is feeling off. Having these on hand just tends to make me feel a little less stressed while traveling with Caroline.

Blanket/Swaddle-one large blanket for rolling and playing on and one swaddle for the same. I also use the blankets in the condo I rent and or towels but again I like to lay hers over it so it gives her the sense of home 🙂

Lastly, the sunblock thing seems to be very controversial, I would ask your Dr. what they suggest depending on how old your baby is. The first trip I brought it but didn’t use it, I pretty much just tried to keep her covered. The second trip I used it when we were in the pool/ocean then would rinse her off after.

I know planning trips with a little one can be very stressful (well at least for me), hope this helps with the packing side of it!


Meg & Kay

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