September 9, 2017

Embroidery me please!

Soooo embroidery is everywhere & on everything! And I have to say I am pretty obsessed with it. I feel like it really adds some texture, uniqueness & color to that specific piece & overall wardrobe. I got this little coat while visiting NYC with my sissy, wasn’t sure when I would wear it because it is kind of a lot, the color, the sleeves, the little mirror gems, oh and tassel tie. But I find myself throwing it on to walk to dinner and wearing it a lot more that I thought I would. Really, it makes me smile every time I put it on because A. it is so fun & B. it reminds me of a great day in NYC with my sisterlove. I couldn’t find this exact coat online but here is a similar one also by Zara. Also, linked some of our fav embroidery babes below……   This embroidered flannel….giving me all the fall feels! Flower embroidered top shop jeans and on SALE! Top Shop Crossbody Bag, under $70! These booties…perfection!   Leather mini skirt and really EVERYTHING from Zara! more from Zara…. Most gorgeous dress…I mean the Sleeves! Now that I want all of this :/……trying to remind myself my closet only needs a few embroidered pieces even thou if I could I would fill it with all these gorgeous babes. Hope you all have a great weekend! xo, Meg & Kay
August 28, 2017

A touch of pearl…Trend alert!

So pearls are having a moment. Everywhere I look I see little pearls on shoes, skirts, pants and blouses. They are everywhere! The other day while shopping at Target I came across these adorable black sandals with pearl & gold detailing…had to have them. Nice, they were only $24.99…wahoooooo! They go with a ton and I really love them. Pearls are classic but having them placed on pieces of clothing etc. is such a fun cool look, get involved with the trend with these pearly options below…… My shoes (click on the pics below to shop!!)   Denim slides Gingham blouse Jean Shirt Strappy shoes with pearls on heels Cutest cropped jeans
August 8, 2017

Beach Travel with a Bambina!

My must have items for traveling with a baby to the beach! When Caroline was little we would bring her entire stroller (Uppa Baby Vista) on trips because we would use the basinet that comes with it as her bed. She slept in a basinet at home (which I am still obsessed with from restoration hardware) until she was almost 6 months. So the basinet on the Uppa baby stroller was perfect to use at night while traveling. On our second beach trip Caroline was older and no longer fit in the stroller basinet so we brought the Dock a Tot and put that in a rented pack n play. She loved the Dock a Tot because it made her feel like she was in a basinet and when on a trip it gave her that familiar smell of home. Its crazy how little babies pick up on change so quickly and I think the smell of something familiar while sleeping really helps them 🙂        The beach can be tricky because of the sun but I just always tried to have Caroline in a hat and under an umbrella. Even when in the water I would keep her hat on and try to have her in a long sleeve. One other thing I suggest when traveling to save some room is always rent a car seat, you already have so much to lug! Okay, here are my top ten beach brings for your little one, not sure if these […]
August 1, 2017

The Pom Pom trend & DIY earrings

This is a fun and super easy DIY item – the pom pom earrings. It takes just a few minutes once you get the items (very few!) from the store. First, visit a craft store for the pom’s. Who doesn’t love going to Hobby Lobby or Michaels?! I could spend hours there. I went to Hobby Lobby and used there standard 40% off coupon on these. We love deals! I then picked up the hoops from Nordstrom for $10, but I am sure you could get them cheaper from an H&M, Forever 21 or Target. Next, pick the pom colors and create a pattern of your choice. Lastly, slide the pom’s on the earring in that order and guide them to the center. Yes, it is that easy, affordable and fun! I’m sure the pom’s might fall off at some point, but you have backups or can change the pom color to match different outfits. The pom pom trend is everywhere right now & we are personally loving it. Let’s just say the pom is the new tassel! Along with our earrings we love this hat, which is on sale right now…woot woot. It has an adjuster inside of it which is so convenient for fitting correctly. These sandals are really fun, from target but they also sell similar pair at Nordstrom. Little Caroline wants to join in the pom fun too so she has been sporting this adorable ruffle sleeve tee from the gap (it’s also on SALE) :). […]
July 20, 2017

Dresses Jackson Wedding Style

The weekend before last our entire fam packed up & drove to Jackson Hole to celebrate the wedding of our close friends. We had an amazing time and wow… Jackson Hole is GORGEOUS! The town of Jackson has a great old school vibe, with some great restaurants & we loved Teton Village, fabulous views everywhere you looked. Let’s just say it was worth the 8 hour drive!   The wedding venue was unreal & had the most beautiful backdrop of the Teton mountains. We both needed new dresses for the event, cause lets face it in this day in age everyone sees everything so we needed to change it up. Luckily, we both found great dresses from our go to store…NORDYS. I went with a short lace dress with Caroline Blue hints, the bride is also a TarHeel so the color made sense. The dress is under $100 &  fit super well and runs true to size. The pattern wasn’t too busy so I will be able to wear it to other events and just change up my jewels or shoes to create a different look.  -Katelyn I went with a classic black number. To be honest it was the opposite of what I wanted or was looking for buuuttttttt my body has changed a bit since having a baby & my boob do not look the same (lets hope the go back after nursing..doubt it), aka deep V necks or really any V necks-they just don’t work. Basically all […]
July 15, 2017

NORDY Anniversary Sale!

Meg’s Shopping: Cold Shoulder Tunic (heather grey) V-Neck Tee (navy, black & maroon) Bell Sleeve Sweater (red syrah color) Blush bubble sleeve sweater (pink adobe) Cut out bootie (fog) UGG suede Boot (Grey) Suede pump (London Fog) Tory Burch Bag (Port)   Kay’s Shopping: Open Toe Bootie (French Taupe) Asymmetrical Dress Waffle Stitch Vest (New Ivory) Rib Knit Cardigan Faux Leather Coat (Black) Crossbody Bag (black or mustard??-both so cute) Ombre Bag (black/grey)    
June 19, 2017

Eating Our Way Through Punta Mita

Okay eating delicious food is our thing, what is better after a long day at the beach then eating a huge meal with a cold drink? Then for some gelato, bed & repeat! Punta Mita is a small town but packed with a lot of restaurant options. We loved the two restaurants we chose to eat at so much we went twice haha. They do fall into our two favorite food categories… Mexican & Italian.
June 16, 2017

Vacay Tee’s

We are heading off to Punta Mita for a week vacation with the family! We are all super pumped since we haven’t been able to take a family trip all together in two years. We are ready for some relaxation ocean side! We are a huge beach fam but now that Megan has a bambina we spend a small amount of time at the pool. Since we prefer the sand and salt water we decided to make the pool more fun with these adorable blow up drink holders. No more having to get out of the pool to sip on our Sol or Pina coladas. They not only made pool life more fun, they made it so much cuter! A lot of retail stores carry these decorative floats but they can be pricey…