Cozy Bedding Style

I have heard that you spend half of your life in bed…isn’t that crazy! Well, since that is apparently the case you want to be comfortable…right!?? I have also heard that most people decorate their bedroom last because no one else sees it. That wasn’t the case for me, I really wanted to get my bedding done & have that cozy/happy feeling every time I walked into my bedroom. I started on hunt for some nice sheets, I have heard amazing things about Brooklinen, but I felt they were a little too pricey for me. I then read something about Threshold Target sheets so I ordered a few pairs online to feel them and see what I thought. They were really soft to the touch & super affordable. I was sold got the Dark Grey color for my room and the washed blue for my guest room. They held up nicely after washes as well :). I was then on to pillows, I have been avoiding purchasing them but I have been having trouble with grinding my teeth and neck pain so I wanted to try a very comfy pillow. Every time I stay at a Marriott hotel I mention to my husband how comfy the pillows are and he always agrees. Welp, you can buy Marriott pillows… so amazing! So we ordered 4 and are so happy with them, they are oversize and just so cozy!

I then searched and searched for a duvet cover that I liked (there was a lot of searching going on haha), since I have a very patterned rug, I didn’t want anything to loud, but I also wanted something with character. I came across this diamond set from Nordstrom and loved it the minute  I set it on my bed. The large beige euro pillows were from my last bed set which I moved to our basement and were also from Nordstrom.

Lastly, I wanted to get some statement pieces for the best. I ended up going with a large throw pillow (I felt like I only had to buy one because of how large it is)  and blanket from Anthropologie. I have been eyeing all of their beautiful  home stuff for at least a year. Both of these pieces are pretty pricey but I bought them on Anthro Day so I got 20% off and I felt like they are of such quality & design that they are worth the money. Plus they make me so happy every time I walk into my bedroom & of course every night before I go to bed!

Here’s to a cozy night sleep!





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