Disney Land Trip….Worth It?

Sadly, I do not think so. First of all, I had no idea the price was so outrageous to get in. It was $135 per adult ticket, therefore a whopping $270 for a day at the “The Happiest Place On Earth”. Thankfully, Caroline was free but still WOW. And, I’m sure if she was a little older their would have been a price and our small little family outing would have been over $300. To me, that price is just INSANE so I already had a bad taste in my mouth about the entire experience.ย I’m also not a big fan of lines, but like any tourist attractions there are a lot of people. We got lucky and the lines weren’t actually that bad that day (thank goodness) but even waiting 15 minutes with an 17 month year old for one ride seems like ages.ย I think the biggest thing was the overall vibe I got. It felt so commercial to me, nothing about it seemed organic. For example, to see Mickey you had to of course wait in line, then you were quickly herded into a room, shoved in front of him to snap a picture, and then they gave you a card on how to pay for the picture and access it. No magic moment with Mickey there or real interaction for that matter. Even the $25 headband ears seemed expensive and since I knew Caroline wouldn’t wear them (can’t even sneakย  a bow into the girls hair) I went with the clip ones ($9.99). She refused those as well, so I ended up wearing them. I would recommend getting all that stuff on Amazon before you arrive. Anyways, sad to say I would have rather just gone to the local zoo or found a petting zoo because I just did not feel like the magic kingdom was all that magical and I would have saved a ton of money. Maybe I will change my mind when Caroline is older but as for now our adventures will be elsewhere.

Jumpsuit options below Disney pics ๐Ÿ˜‰


The jumpsuit I am wearing is Nordstrom but nearly sold out, I would check in your local store or ask a Nordstrom stylist to try to locate it if you really love it. Those stylists are great at finding things you think are sold out.ย  Here are some similar options we really loving

Love the cute back detailing on this one

Backless number

Ruffle details

A little knot

We are loving jumpsuits for the convenience of not having to really style them, downside the full strip when going to the bathroom haha.




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