Funfetti Swimsuit

This was my fourth time searching for another swimsuit the past year and a half… there was preggo suits, just had a baby suit (milk seriously coming in), still nursing swimsuit & then this last one post nursing swimsuit. Not going to lie the chest does not look like it once did nor does my body but hey I got Caroline & I try to focus on that, although it is a big change!

Anyways, I came across this swimsuit at Everything But Water in Cherry Creek Mall. I was in love with the multi color crocheted detailing around the edges & the tassels of course! I also, love cover ups so this swimsuit was perfect because it has every color in it, there for goes with all of my coverups :). It was also very comfortable since it didn’t tie around neck and instead fit more like a bra with the two straps connecting straight back. The around the neck suits tend to really hurt my neck but during the nursing months it was impossible to wear anything but the halter style…they had to be held up & covered haha. Anyways, I am really happy with this suit, the top had just the right amount of coverage & the fun colors really made me happy every time I put it on. Details below…..

Swimsuit Top

Swimsuit Bottom

Custom by 50Dresses

Location: Maroma Resort & Spa 





Meg & Kay



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