Give Your Sofa a Makeover With Throw Pillows!

We bought thisย large ottoman sofa from West Elm awhile back, before we knew we would be gutting a house and moving a few months later. Luckily, we were able to make it work in the new space by adding a love seat sofa. I have always been more of a leather girl when it came to sofas but the one we had prior wasn’t that cozy, so this time we went for fabric and comfort. And boy can I tell you these sofas are COMFY!! My husband and I can hardly pry ourselves off them at night to head up to bed. They are the perfect lounge couches & luckily West Elm makes them stylish as well.

Since we moved, I have been on a hunt for throw pillows to give these couches some life. I had my eye on multiple Anthropologie ones, but couldn’t seem to pull the trigger because they ranged from $68-$138 for one pillow. I mean they are gorgeous but with the amount of pillows I wanted it wasn’t going to exactly fit into my budget. And let’s be serious, Caroline is always spilling things on everything or literally taking a crayon to it..eeeek. I know those pillows would have made me nervous that they would be ruined everyday. So, I went on a hunt to find nice but affordable pillows. I looked at a lot of places online and found some good options but nothing was really hitting the spot. Then when browsing in Target I found the perfect oversized denim color pillows, they were perfect to add some height to my couch. I bought them and loved how they looked and fit in with our rug and entry rug. The pillows were the perfect neutral and now I needed some color and texture. That is when I spied the Opal House for Target collection and scored the four pillows in each corner of the couch. They were exactly what I wanted and they were $20-$30, so affordable :). The middle one of the big couch is also from Target and I feel like it brings all the colors together. Do you agree?!?

I feel like these pillows have made my couches and brought a lot of color into the room…perfect for spring and summer :). I still have a lot of decorating to do aka that huge blank wall behind the couch, lighting etc. But I am glad it is slowly coming along and I was able to find pillows I love for a price I love even more!

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