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Guest Blogger… Maghon Taylor of All She Wrote Notes

We are so excited to introduce you to this month’s guest blogger, the talented Momma & Calligrapher behind All She Wrote Notes….Maghon Taylor! She might be one of the most positive people we have ever come across & we are so happy to introduce you to her and her company. And speaking of her company, she sells the cutest and I mean cutest things in her shop and she was kind enough to give us free shipping with code SISTEROTR on orders over $20! Wahooo! We already have a few things in our cart as we speak :). We love following Maghon, she exudes enthusiasm and fun! It’s also very inspiring that she is living out her dream & having such success doing it! If any moms out there need some motivation to balance their career goals and mamahood, Maghon will inspire you to go for it all!
Enjoy her interview below!
Introduce yourself and tell our readers a little about yourself:
My name is Maghon Taylor (pronounced like May Gun) and I am the She behind All She Wrote Notes. I am a joyful wife to my middle school sweetheart Chris, and mama to a 19 month old sweet boy, Vance. We live in Elon, North Carolina (Carolina Tar Heel fan) where I own and operate my business from home.
Tell us about your company?
All She Wrote Notes is a calligraphy and hand lettering studio where I am on a mission to spread happiness through my handwriting. I create cheerful and colorful products that you can use every day with positive messages that aim to make people smile. I lend my lettering services to special events like weddings and parties, but I most enjoy teaching other women how to hand letter like me. I have taught more than 5,000 students in my traveling workshops, and just launched an ONLINE version of the class this month.
When did you start your company and tell us the process of starting your own business or the story behind it?
I started All She Wrote Notes in August of 2013. We just celebrated 5 years in business! I never intended to have a business, though. I was happy just doodling and drawing on the side after I got home from my 9-5 job. I was sharing my work on instagram and facebook and I took a set of note cards that I had written to book club as a hostess gift. My girlfriends were SO encouraging, telling me that I needed to put them online so they could order! That night, from my bed, on my iPhone 4 — I started All She Wrote Notes. I had one instagram follower, which was me on my other account and I didn’t even have internet at home. I started right where I was, with exactly what I had and I have never looked back!

What made you decide to start your gig?


 Soon after starting All She Wrote Notes I realized this could really be something. Sales boomed around the holidays and I caught a glimpse of what working for myself could really be like. I started taking it more seriously — treating it like a business instead of a hobby and started setting goals. I began teaching lettering workshops each week and I knew that those could be a great predictor of my future income. When I ultimately left my 9-5 job (at CAROLINA by the way) it was so bittersweet. I loved my job, I loved working from my alma mater and my coworkers were my best friends, but I knew that I was being called to spread happiness through my handwriting.

What is your favorite part of your business?


Hands down, teaching! I work from home, so getting out and about each week is the highlight of my week! I get to visit shops and boutiques all across the south and meet dozens of women who have given themselves a girls night out. They come ready to party, ready to laugh and to learn and I enjoy every minute. We all deserve to feel creative again, and I absolutely love bringing this out in people. My goal is to have every person leave my class feeling lighter, more joyful and ready to find the good in every day.

How is balancing motherhood and your own company?


This is the biggest challenge I have ever faced. I LOVE working and I LOVE being a Mom! The best advice I could tell other working moms, especially those that work from home is to ask for help. You can do it all, just not all by yourself. Hiring my sister to help with Vance and another part time employee to help with All She Wrote Notes during our busy seasons keep all of us sane. I have super limited work hours and I am laser focused during those times. I am a “yes” girl and I love making people happy, but I have really had to cut back on lunches out, promotional events and business opportunities that don’t directly impact my bottom line. When I am not upstairs, I like to be in full mama mode as best as I can.
 What has been your biggest challenge as a mother?
Feeling like I was going to miss something. I felt this weight on me to be 1,000% present when I was with V since I was away from him while working. But honestly, It was hard for me to just lay there and watch him, or play with toys when I felt like I had so much work to do. It’s actually gotten easier now that he is older — He’s more fun! Early on, I would feel so much guilt over being on my phone that I started enabling airplane mode when we are together so that I wasn’t pulled away. Even still, he took his first steps with my parents while I was speaking at a conference. That was harder than I could have imagined. I have learned to give myself grace over time and just be the best mom that I can be when I am here. I know that my business is building a better life for all of us and I know I am a better Mom when I get to do both. Plus, a kid can never have too many people who love them and it’s a blessing that he gets to spend time with his aunt, cousins and grandparents while I am working, too!
Your favorite part about being a mom?
A tie between watching Chris be a dad — I thought I loved him before, but watching him care for this sweet boy makes my heart explode. AND Lately every time I walk into a room he says “hey mama!” with a little wave and I die of happiness.
Tips on balancing work, momma-hood, friend, family and all that is life.
For me, balance doesn’t always mean that the scales are equal. Sometimes they are tipped to work, and sometimes they are tipped to home, but in the end, I feel like everybody still gets a piece of the pie. My husband works third shift, so our schedule has always been challenging to say the least. I am super protective of my weekends since that’s the only time we are all three together as a family. I love to open up my week nights for friends! I host a bible study in our home on Tuesdays, I love to go for a stroller walk or run with my friend Emily and her little girl, and I have a standing Monday night dinner date with my grandparents every month.
I can’t do a lot of things during the week without a #babyonboard, but in this season of life, I have been lucky that my friends are more than accommodating.
Why is Carolina such a special place to you? And can you explain your love for Carolina bball. I remember reading in one of your posts that your husband went to a game during your labor. We love that Carolina and our sport teams unite us all like a family and are such a huge part of our lives as well.
OMG we are OBSESSED with Carolina! I graduated from UNC in 2008 and Chris has always been a die hard fan. Once my Dad told me that if I didn’t date a guy who loved Carolina, It would never work and I actually knew I would marry Chris because we went on a date to watch the season opener, and he played “Jump Around” in the car! That was the first dance at our wedding and my surprise gift to him was a visit from Rameses!! Probably our craziest Carolina story is that I went in to labor on a day that we had basketball tickets! I was delivering at UNC hospitals and you could actually see the dean dome from my hospital room. Labor wasn’t progressing and I wasn’t in pain, so I encouraged Chris to go ahead and go to the game.
My sweet Chris had purchased tickets to see Carolina play Virginia Tech for his Dad for Christmas. Even though he and I go all the time, he hadn’t been to a game with his Dad in the Dean Dome since he was 10 years old and was SO excited about these seats and this experience for months. I knew the game was that night but he hadn’t really mentioned it. Around 5:30 I told him I thought he should still go. Y’all, the basketball stadium can be SEEN from our hospital window and is literally right across the street.
We couldn’t have been any closer, he was walking there, so if anything DID happen, I knew he could run right back. (And I fully expected a knees to chest sprint.) I wasn’t in pain, nothing was happening and this man was about to become a Dad. I wanted this experience for him so bad, and after a little convincing, he went! Everybody thought I was crazy, but I knew he would make it back before anything started to happen. My friend Jenn could see him in his seats and I knew he would check his phone constantly. I also knew that I would be the coolest wife EVER for the rest of his (and Vance’s life) so this was 100% worth that status.
I watched the game on TV, Carolina won and he made it back with plenty of time to spare.
 Just 9 weeks later, we celebrated by bringing Vance to Phoenix to watch Carolina take home the National Championship. I will always remember meeting Megan there because she and I were the only Mom’s Crazy (and cool enough) to bring our babies to the Championship.
Please share your life motto, how you love confetti and your positive outlook with our readers.
My life motto is Work Hard, Stay Sweet, Trust, God, Love Deep. I wrote this down about 5 years ago when I was dreaming and goal setting about my best life. I always want to be a hard worker — in everything that I do. I want to be kind to everyone I meet, and stay humble no matter how successful I become. God is with me every single step of the way, he knows the plan before I do, and I wouldn’t have any of this without him. And love — I want to be the best wife I can be. I went through a lot of heartbreak and mistakes in my past that led me to find my middle school sweetheart almost 20 years later and I don’t ever want to take that for granted. I want to make sure that he is loved and cared for first, and then I will have plenty more to go around for everybody else.
Speaking of mistakes — I turn all of my calligraphy scraps into confetti. Very early on I was too cheap to throw the paper away, so I ran it through my shredder and I began putting this homemade confetti in to each and every package. Confetti is just trash that chose a happier life, y’all! I believe I am put here on this earth to tell you that whether it’s in your life, or in your art — You can turn your mistakes into confetti. Your mess can be your message and I am living proof. In fact, I am releasing a children’s book about this very topic next year!

Make sure to follow Maghon and visit her website here

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