We are all running through this crazy thing we call life. And let’s be serious in this day in age with so much going on and so much multi-tasking we are all left spreading ourselves thin on the daily. We don’t know about you all but we are constantly feeling like we are a shit show, yet what we see on the little squares of Instagram is far from that…it looks a lot more like perfection. All we know is that our sink is usually filled with dirty dishes not peonies, our hair is rarely done not layered with extensions and we are lucky if we get out of sweatpants for 50% of our day! Life is busy with mama-ing, working, family, cooking, a social life (ours is pretty lame these day), and so much more- we want to share our life story with you. We hope to help with budget friendly outfits, our perspective on motherhood, traveling, fun adventures in Denver, decorating and really everything that encompasses life. For us this is a creative space to share, and our goal is to create a more relatable resource and to provide content that not only helps with everyday life but also has you laughing with us along the way.