NYC with Kiddos

It feels like another lifetime ago I lived in NYC. Although it was almost a decade ago, scary thought! I lived there for three years after I graduated from college. I had no money and was scratching and clawing to get by but it taught me so many lessons and it really was such a great place to live for that time in my life. I seriously wish Uber was a thing when I lived there thou, back in the day hailing a cab wasn’t that easy at certain times of day and sometime you just do not want to be in that subway. Flash forward to visiting now with little Caroline. The first time I went back to NYC was when Caroline was 8mos. old. we had been traveling a lot, she was really struggling with sleeping and I was over all very anxious. Getting on a crowded subway with her was scary, I felt very chlostraphobic and my anxiety was at an all time high (thankfully Kay was there otherwise I might have had a breakdown). The trip was still fun, memories were made but I was questioning ever going back there with Caroline. Basically, I was looking at the city as a mom and it looked very different that it did every other time I visited…let’s just say everywhere I looked I saw germs, people, mess and how do I get down there with this stroller and my ten bags… haha!


Flash forward to my last visit with her, this time she was 20 mos. I don’t know if my new mom anxiety had worn off a bit or that she was a bit older but it was much more fun, way less stressful & I realized there are a lot of great things to do in the city that never sleeps with kiddos. I would recommend going in the warmer months thou, so you can enjoy walking around the city and not having to bundle and potentially be freezing!

I am going to list off a few things I recommend doing with kids on a trip. I also recommend following my very dear friend, Andrea Fazinni on instagram. She does so much fun stuff with her two adorable girls in the city and knows all the fun pop up exhibits etc. Another resource I found helpful while writing this blog is Mommy Poppins, tons of great info!

Central Park, Carousel in Central Park, Central Park Zoo

Sea Glass Carousel/Battery Park

High Line

Governors Island

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South Street Seaport



Hope this helps make your next trip to NYC less overwhelming and more fun, especially with kiddos!



Meg & Kay




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