Our Top Ten Favorite Children’s Books

Reading quickly becomes a very big part of a babies routine. Both Katelyn and I started reading books to our babes at bedtime around 2 weeks old. What you figure out quickly is there are some really bad kid books out there! Some just say the same thing over and over again, others really have no story line. We found that our favorites ended up being the same ones our kids responded to the most as well. The books below are our absolute favorites that we adore and both Caroline and Luke love as well!

Classic and really helps them learn the alphabet, plus the bright colors really keep them interested…

Chicka Chika Boom Boom 

Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes 

Love these series, great pictures and it’s fun for them to learn about different states and places.

Good Night Denver

Blue Little Truck

I Love you So 

Another series we love, these books are so fun for the babes to touch and feel. They also can be purchased with a stuffed animal that matches. Caroline loves reading them, touching them and then hugging the stuffed animal that goes with the book…

If I were a bunny…

This is a great book for having them find the animals and being interactive while reading..

Each Pear Plum Pear 

This book is so GREAT and how fun for them to have a book with their own name in it. This site has a ton of different options for customizing books. We highly recommend checking it out. They also make for a great gift, Caroline got this one for her first birthday!

My Very Own Name

On the Night you were Born

The illustrations in this book are so adorable, I love the story and lesson but mostly like reading it to look at the beautiful images.

The Wonderful Things You Will Be 

Happy reading!!


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