April 5, 2018

Disney Land Trip….Worth It?

Sadly, I do not think so. First of all, I had no idea the price was so outrageous to get in. It was $135 per adult ticket, therefore a whopping $270 for a day at the “The Happiest Place On Earth”. Thankfully, Caroline was free but still WOW. And, I’m sure if she was a little older their would have been a price and our small little family outing would have been over $300. To me, that price is just INSANE so I already had a bad taste in my mouth about the entire experience. I’m also not a big fan of lines, but like any tourist attractions there are a lot of people. We got lucky and the lines weren’t actually that bad that day (thank goodness) but even waiting 15 minutes with an 17 month year old for one ride seems like ages. I think the biggest thing was the overall vibe I got. It felt so commercial to me, nothing about it seemed organic. For example, to see Mickey you had to of course wait in line, then you were quickly herded into a room, shoved in front of him to snap a picture, and then they gave you a card on how to pay for the picture and access it. No magic moment with Mickey there or real interaction for that matter. Even the $25 headband ears seemed expensive and since I knew Caroline wouldn’t wear them (can’t even sneak  a bow into the girls hair) I went […]
January 22, 2018

Vacation Fever

When it starts to get colder here in Colorado we start pining for a tropical vacation! Today we are dreaming of being at one of our favorite places in the world Maroma Resort & Spa. Here are some pictures to give you all the vacation feels…        
January 19, 2018

Bundle of Joy Baby Shower for Sisterlove

What is more fun than planning a baby shower for your sister/best friend….nothing! Our best friend, Lesley (since we were 2 & 4 years old) collaborated with me on the entire shower and helped with all the planning & details. We are so lucky to have her be apart of all our big days and life adventures. For baby showers our taste is more subtle, aka not overly baby themed. Les came up with the theme… Bundle of Joy, which was perfect for a January winter shower. We were going for a cozy, winter, intimate feel with baby blue, navy, maroon colors and plaid & wood accents. Obviously, we needed a hot coco bar, Katelyn loves her hot coco and what is more cozy then wrapping up in a blanket and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate!? Also fit the theme perfectly. Les, mastered the hot coco bar… with a ton of candy toppings, cute signs & to top it off handmade cookies that looked exactly like hot coco cups with tiny marshmallows! A doughnut wall was another must since who doesn’t want a fresh doughnut at a shower brunch! And to set them up a doughnut wall was a must. I thought about making the wall, but my husband convinced me by the time I would actually get it made correctly it would cost me more than just buying it (haha…thanks for the confidence babe), but he was right. At the end of the day I didn’t have any […]
January 2, 2018

Statement Tassel Earrings with Nordstrom

We have been adoring big earrings with a tassel flare and here are a few of our favorites from Nordstrom (click on pictures to shop)…. Fun shape earrings and 40% off, only $25.20   Loving these colors, go with everything…. We own the emerald green tassel earrings below and love them, the also come in this mustard color and I think I might need them as well, especially for $16!!! Even better $15 black layering tassels that will go with everything…. Happy tasseling!   xoxo, Meg & Kay  
January 1, 2018


Outfit of the week! Since we are spending the New Year holiday up in Keystone, I have pretty much been in leggings and PJS :)! But now I am living in the cute bomber coat I got at the Columbia outlet in Silverthorn. I am not a huge outlet shopper but I was very impressed with the Columbia outlet, the deals were great and the inventory was fairly organized. I went home with cozy pair of gloves, a fleece pull over liner for skiing & the adorable bomber lightweight coat in my favorite maroon/port color ! And score I found it on amazon prime, you can shop it here! The pants I have been wearing since Christmas and in these picture are the Zella Live In Legging….love them! They are perfect for everyday or a workout (which I never do but hoping to start in 2018). The scarf I purchased a few years back but recently just came across some very similar ones on amazon for all less than $13 and all the colors are super cute, shop them here. For mountain weather, hiking, snow shoeing etc. a pair of waterproof Sorell Boots are a must, I got these two years ago after the winter season on major sale, I think they are super stylish and are very warm. Sorell has a great selection on their website and they even had a few Sorell styles at the Columbia outlet as well :). We hope everyone had a very happy New […]
December 15, 2017

White Christmas

Ok y’all we have been obsessed with white booties these days and are pretty much in love with the pair I got at Nordstrom. It is a unique height and the softest leather, not gonna lie thou I had trouble getting them on and off at first. But I used a plastic bag to slide my feet in the first few times and then the leather stretched a bit and now they are perfect. I wear them as often as I can. I really feel they have these boots are made for walking vibe. White booties are really all the rage this winter and here are a few we are loving from at Nordstrom so you all can take part in the trend and a sneak peek of my Christmas card! AND my Boots are 40% OFF… great deal shop them below (not a ton of sizes left but the other colors are gorg too)! A sneak of the Christmas card pics that the lovely Alena of @modaprints kindly did for us and what these booties look like on!     More options, click on pics for details   Happy White Christmas bootie shopping!   xx, Meg and Kay    
November 10, 2017

Funfetti Swimsuit

This was my fourth time searching for another swimsuit the past year and a half… there was preggo suits, just had a baby suit (milk seriously coming in), still nursing swimsuit & then this last one post nursing swimsuit. Not going to lie the chest does not look like it once did nor does my body but hey I got Caroline & I try to focus on that, although it is a big change! Anyways, I came across this swimsuit at Everything But Water in Cherry Creek Mall. I was in love with the multi color crocheted detailing around the edges & the tassels of course! I also, love cover ups so this swimsuit was perfect because it has every color in it, there for goes with all of my coverups :). It was also very comfortable since it didn’t tie around neck and instead fit more like a bra with the two straps connecting straight back. The around the neck suits tend to really hurt my neck but during the nursing months it was impossible to wear anything but the halter style…they had to be held up & covered haha. Anyways, I am really happy with this suit, the top had just the right amount of coverage & the fun colors really made me happy every time I put it on. Details below….. Swimsuit Top Swimsuit Bottom Custom by 50Dresses Location: Maroma Resort & Spa        xoxo, Meg & Kay    
October 27, 2017

Falling for Fall

I have to say I am just now embracing the fact that fall is here, I love it but I just wasn’t quite ready for summer to end. Feels like the months fly by these days & I wasn’t ready to have shorter or colder days. But this last week I really have been taking in all that is fall, the gorgeous multi-color leaves glistening in the light, the smell of football season, the cool brisk air & of course fall clothes! Yes, my fav.. cozy sweaters, coats, boot for days and comfy scarves & hats. Fall is my favorite for dressing! Now let’s see if I can get out of my Zella clothes more than twice a week and actually work out in my workout clothes…doubtful. Anyways, I could rant about trying to get a workout in for days, lets get back to fall fashion! On a recent visit to Nordys, Kay and I came across this scarf and I am in LOVE with it. Pretty much have worn it everyday since I bought it. Perfect colors, cute port fur pom pom details, cozy and goes with pretty much everything. And the best part is……. it’s only $31.00 :), you need it and you can shop it HERE.  I styled it below with some other fall favs, the coat is from a collab Something Navy did with Treasure and Bond for Nordstrom, there is currently only Large left but I believe they are releasing it again in Dec. so […]
October 26, 2017

Animal Themed 1st B-day

  Our little BEAR turned one a few weeks ago, and since she is our little bear and LOVES all & every animal, it only made sense to throw a party animal Birthday for her! We decided to have a very small family gathering since she is only 1, and let’s be serious she won’t remember it. I also tried to keep that in mind with the decorations as to not go too crazy..she is only 1 Megan!  When coming up with  budget friendly ideas, I realized I had storage bins filled with the perfect decorations….TY beanie babies! Kay and I were avid collectors and of course thought they would be worth a fortune one day….not so much but at least they did come in handy again & bonus Caroline is obsessed with them, so I can slowly give them all to her :)! Whenever I have a get together or party at my house, I always try to think of a few things I have that I can plan around or if I buy decorations I save them. It actually really comes in handy and I have saved a lot of money doing it! The cardboard coasters in the pictures below have been used at least at 5 parties at my house :). For her other decorations, I hunted around on Pinterest and found someone actually makes little party hats for animal figurines…how perfect. I decided those were needed for her cake and the cupcakes I made for the […]
October 18, 2017

Embellished Bags

Okay so embellished bags are everywhere right now and we all need one! They are so cute and I really want a bunch but I think I will settle for one to tote around this fall. They add a really fun pop to any outfit and you can dress them up or down which is key :)! I stumbled upon mine in a Nordstrom email, the little green flower gems reminded me exactly of a pair of costume jewelry earrings (screw on) my grandmother gave me. It was instant nostalgia and I had to have it. But like me I waited a few days with it sitting in my cart on nordstrom.com and it sold out…….UGH! Lucikly, I got in touch with my personal stylist at Nordstrom (Betsy Dunn, Nordstrom Park Meadows) and she tracked it down for me from another store and they shipped it right to me, wahooo!! BTW, Nordstrom stylists are the best and it is FREE so everyone should have one, they can find stuff when its sold out online (most of the time) and they can let you know when something amazing comes in.They also can really help you create a very wearable wardrobe, which really can save you money in the end. If you haven’t met with one I would make an apt. Okay back to embellished bags….. there are a ton out there so we rounded up our favorites below and showed you how I styled my little gem! Mine is Topshop and […]
September 28, 2017

Family photos Denim Style

Every August there are always gorgeous pictures floating around instagram of these huge beautiful sunflowers & it always gives me the urge to head out there to capture some pictures! I went a few years back with my friend Des, of Darling Be Daring. The sunflower field is out by DIA & there are huge sunflowers as far as you can see, surrounded by open land & cornfields..no buildings in sight and hardly any cars. It feels pretty magical out there. So, my hope was to get out there in August and do some family pictures since somehow little Caroline is almost one! Well the weekends past by with plans or travel and somehow it became Sept. So on Sunday I demanded we all get dressed head out to Brixx for dinner-yum and on the way stop at the sunflowers for some pics. Welllllll………I was a tad worried that we had missed the season and we did, all the tall sunflowers were slumped over dead and I realized when we got there I forgot the piece to hook the camera to the tripod! For a minute I was like did we really just drive all the way out here & the flowers are dead and we aren’t going to be able to take one picture….haha FAIL! Then we stumbled on a small little sunflower still alive & thought well duh at least we can get some pictures of Caroline :). There were planes flying over us so she was a […]
September 21, 2017

KC’s Charleston Eats

One of the major perks of living in South Carolina the past 6 years (what! how did that happen?!), was the short drive to Charleston. I mean there must be a good reason why people deal with the 100 degrees and humidity in Columbia, right? #kidding it wasn’t that bad. Charleston is one of my favorite cities and every time we go, I love it more and more. And, don’t just take my word for it – last year Charleston was voted the No.1 city in world in by the Travel + Leisure 2016 World’s Best Awards. So, why is it so amazing?! Let me break it down to a few simple things: Historic City Beautiful Beaches Delicious Food Rich in Culture Stunning Architecture Friendly Locals and much much more! Below are some of my favorite spots that I highly recommend you check out if you are planning a trip to Charleston. And, if you aren’t planning a trip, get it on your list because it will not disappoint. {OH, and due to the short attention spans we’ve all developed thanks to our lovely smart phones, I’ve focused this blog on my probably my most favorite thing – FOOD!} Brunch is the best – seriously who does not love to start there day out with a huge delicious breakfast and a few mimosas. Or if you are my husband, bloody maries. Below are a few favs and each provide a bit of a different feel and type of “brunch food”. […]