May 21, 2018

Guest Blogger-Momma, Oil/Health Guru…Lesley Meyer

Becoming a mom has without a doubt been the best thing I have ever achieved (and am still working to achieve everyday). I say “achieved” because it is something that has taken a lot of effort, courage and patience. Without even considering the additional challenges that come with parenthood, like the ones that can come along with getting pregnant, not to mention LABOR; just being a parent that you are proud to be is an extraordinary challenge and achievement. Before I had a baby, I never really understood why everyone said raising children is the hardest job in the world. When I thought of something being “hard” I would think of something extremely physical or that required hours of studying, practicing, or learning about in order to achieve. While parenting does present some physical and mental challenges, I think the thing that makes it the hardest job in the world (which I now agree with) is that it is constant. You never get to walk away from it. Balancing the life you used to live before kids and your life now with kids can be tricky. Worrying about your kiddos every day hoping they are well fed with the BEST food, praying they don’t get sick, making sure they are learning and growing and happy while also trying to make sure you still get some quality time with your spouse and friends and family….it’s a lot. And for the working moms, that is a whole other ball game. It is […]
May 19, 2018

Saturday Snacking

As most of you know, we love our sweets! I (Kay) am also world’s biggest snacker. Skinny Dipped Almonds are my new sweet/snack obsession. Not only are they delicious and hit the spot for my sweet tooth, but they are also healthy. Who doesn’t love that combo? Made with real ingredients they have protein, fiber, organic finishes and dark chocolate. I’m starting to consider myself a health nut now that I’ve added these to my piggy habits ha. The story behind the brand is also amazing. Check it out here. The company was founded by a mom and daughter (any mothers dream) after a simple discussion on a long road trip about why chocolate covered almonds have so much chocolate on them. And, just like that – their company was born. They set off to create an almond that was lightly dipped in chocolate hence the name skinny dipped. The almonds are also dusted with either cocoa, raspberry, and dark chocolate. My favorite is the raspberry, Meg’s favorite is the dark chocolate and Chet loves the cocoa (Dewey is allergic to almonds so he couldn’t give his opinion). Clearly, all the flavors are so tasty! As we are running around each day, Skinny Dipped Almonds are something we always have in the diaper bag, in our desk drawer, car and/or purse to quickly eat on the go to satisfy our hunger. Check out the site here and purchase yourself a few packs to get you through your busy day –  so […]
May 17, 2018

Must Have Baby Items- Add Them to Your Registry NOW!

Katelyn’s Must-Have Baby Items (That Meg, Luke & Caroline 100% agrees with, pics are the proof) When you are having your first baby, the list of items that you need can be pretty overwhelming! I remember trying (key word trying) to do my registry and I didn’t even know where to start! Luckily, my sister and bestie Lesley took over per usual and did my registry for me. In hopes to help those soon to be mamas out there that don’t have a sister or Lesley to knock it out for them, here are 8 items I could not live without since Lucas has arrived! The Julien Canvas Set – Leader Bag  Price: $195 Why I Love It: Not only is it a cute stylish diaper bag, it’s super practical when it comes to the design to help you be as organized as possible. It has various compartments (who knew you would need so much stuff for such a small human when on the go) to easily and quickly find what you need. It also includes a little clutch for the changing pad, diapers, wipes so you can just grab that for a short walk, etc. Lastly, it has straps that allows you to safely hang from your stroller. 4moms® mamaRoo® Baby Swing Price: $249.99 Why I Love It: Because it gives my arms a break!! Lucas loves to be moving so this has been our saving grace when he needs to nap for more than 10 minutes or I […]
May 16, 2018

The Perfect Little Flower Top

I ordered this Free people top not too long ago from Revolve, they are currently sold out of most sizes! But I found it on major sale, here and here (about 50% off) and they still have a size small (which is what I am wearing in the pics). I love the flower pattern and the dainty details of the cut. The only thing with this top, is it is short so I have to wear something high waisted with it, otherwise has a crop top feel to it. I paired it with a high-waisted maroon suede skirt (similar), a denim skirt would be super cute too or high-waisted jean shorts. Anyways, the top is light weight but you don’t have to wear a tank underneath which is nice & perfect for the summer months upon us. Lastly, I threw on my favorite  everyday sandals and was off for some errands. I bought this shirt full price and still think it was worth it but so glad I found it almost 50% off…yeeehawww! Cheers, Meg & Kay    
May 11, 2018

Flowers for Momma!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful Mommas out there! Cheers to you….we hope you have a relaxing weekend planed for yourself! If you are anything like us you are focusing more on spoiling your own mom and making her day special and forgetting that the day is also about you. Our mom loves loves flowers…they make her super happy so part of her gift is always a huge bouquet. We use to always spend $$$ at florists until we realized that we could do it ourself & they still look pretty damn good, for less that half the cost! What we do is pick 4 bunches of flowers from Trader Joe’s, usually two larger flowers (roses, hydrangeas, peonies etc.) & two bundles of fillers (small daisies, baby breathe, leafy greens) and we like to make sure all four are different but coordinating in colors. Pick up a cute cheap clear circular vase at target to put them in (or this metallic one is super cute too), therefor it matches with everything and the big bundle will fill it out well. Cut them all around the same length and then just start filling in , we usually mix the two larger flowers together first and set them in the center then slowly fill in sides will filler flower and mix in. Other option is making a few smaller bouquets so your mom can put them all around the house, we use ball jars with the same technique! (see below). We […]
May 11, 2018

Outfit of the Week

All outfit details/link below…   My outfit: Top   Jeans (similar)   Shoes   Bag   Caroline’s Outfit: Dress   Cardigan   Shoes    
May 4, 2018

Beach/Summer Essentials at Target

We love nothing more  than a good beach trip and summer is fast approaching. We thought we would round up these beach essentials we got at Target, that worked perfectly on my trip to Florida. The Tote was probably the biggest hit since it is so large, also used it as my carry on so could fit the needed toys, snacks etc. to get a 18 mo. thru the flight. And A New Day has a lot of super super cute tote options for the summer, look at this one.… I think I need it! A lot of my other purchases were from the Bullseye Playground so take a peek at your next visit to your Target store. And my cover up is so affordable and makes me so happy with the yellow tassels and pineapple print!   And this little towel poncho was the perfect cover-up for Caroline. Not to mention all the swimsuits Cheers, Meg & Kay
April 26, 2018

Liquid Gold

Liquid gold aka breast milk is a term you hear a lot around the Conlon household these days. The name was coined by my husband in the hospital when we learned how quickly it would stop Lucas from crying. However, even though it is usually the cure to stop that sweet little cry, breastfeeding has also been one of the most stressful things for me as a mom. At the beginning, I dreaded feeding him. I know that sounds awful, but it was not that pretty picture experience everyone shares. I dreaded when the clock struck that three hour feeding time because usually it was a disaster. Of course, I thought it was me and I was doing something wrong. I found myself in the middle of the night googling youtube videos, article on how to “properly” do it, using items like a breast feeding boppy pillow, but nothing was really helping. Finally, I went to a lactation specialist for help. After she watched our feeding she was in shock about the major major over supply of milk I had and how it was basically drowning him. This is a great “problem” to have, but even though it was a good thing, it had its own challenges. Lucas was either choking which lead to crying (screaming to be exact) or eating too much to0 fast which lead to projectile milk spit up. We both would be covered in milk and it typically ended with him not getting enough milk leading […]
April 24, 2018

Accessory Tuesday

Spring is upon us and there are so many cute accessories out there right now. We strolled thru the mall the other day and ther were so many cute bags, shoes & jewels. Here is what we are loving and wanting… Adore this Straw bag with puff details…. These fun pineapple babes are on SALE..   Mustard chicness… This straw crab bag number is beyond adorable… Fun cute earrings that go with everything… These are really fun too….   Mustard slides too pa pa please…. Another super cute slide.. Cute dainty bracelet, that also comes in a necklace. We would only go for one of the other, not matching! We are into huge earrings but tiny & simple necklace/bracelets are currently our go to… Happy Accessory Tuesday! Cheers, Meg & Kay
April 15, 2018

Give Your Sofa a Makeover With Throw Pillows!

We bought this large ottoman sofa from West Elm awhile back, before we knew we would be gutting a house and moving a few months later. Luckily, we were able to make it work in the new space by adding a love seat sofa. I have always been more of a leather girl when it came to sofas but the one we had prior wasn’t that cozy, so this time we went for fabric and comfort. And boy can I tell you these sofas are COMFY!! My husband and I can hardly pry ourselves off them at night to head up to bed. They are the perfect lounge couches & luckily West Elm makes them stylish as well. Since we moved, I have been on a hunt for throw pillows to give these couches some life. I had my eye on multiple Anthropologie ones, but couldn’t seem to pull the trigger because they ranged from $68-$138 for one pillow. I mean they are gorgeous but with the amount of pillows I wanted it wasn’t going to exactly fit into my budget. And let’s be serious, Caroline is always spilling things on everything or literally taking a crayon to it..eeeek. I know those pillows would have made me nervous that they would be ruined everyday. So, I went on a hunt to find nice but affordable pillows. I looked at a lot of places online and found some good options but nothing was really hitting the spot. Then when browsing in Target […]
April 14, 2018

Three ways to Style a Bandana Scarf

We have always loved the bandana style but have had trouble finding the right material, fabric etc. Then we found this one at Target by Universal Thread. It is perfect…we liked it so much that we got it in the Purple (seen below) and yellow! Below we are showing the three ways we like to style it… Neck tie (Oh and btw this top looks like denim T-shirt but is just cotton. So comfy and is the perfect shirt to pair with your banada. shop it HERE) Hair tie… Bandana tie… We hope you all have a great weekend! Cheers, Meg & Kay
April 6, 2018

Outfit of the week

Outfit of the week.. This could be a perfect look for a date night this weekend or a Sunday brunch! Bonus it is button up so perfect for breastfeeding mamas out there (feel like it’s all I wear). And the price is right…the top is on SALE for $14 and the jeans are under $30!! Button up stripped top High waisted denim pants Nude mule slides